Honesty is Beautiful

When I was in the first year of graduate school, we were asked to write a paper about “Beauty in Architecture” (part 1 and part 2). Beautiful is difficult to define since it is very subjective and highly dependent on culture.  It took me days of mulling over the word to create my outline. It started with the definition and collection of building images that I find beautiful over the years.  I discovered in the end that these images have one thing in common, it is the embodiment of truth. Truth in terms of providing the simplest and most realistic solution translating to the space and needs, the capacity of materials, and the efficiency of construction.

Ok, I may be getting a little geeky on architecture.


While I was driving on my way to work today, I was apprehensive.  I had this meeting that I have been dreading.  I asked myself why am I making such a big deal out of a meeting?  It was then that I realized that I had been unable to verbalize my opinions.. I was not given the opportunity to be honest.  It was also then that I had this light bulb moment that honesty can be defined in multitudes of ways, even as a guide on making decisions.   That honesty is such a straightforward simple way of asking the right questions, finding the solution, and lessening the stress in my life.

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Whenever Julia gets the chance to hold my phone and there is no internet (how millenial!), I’m 100% sure that she’s doing animation. It all started when I was able to download the Folioscope app. She doodled away and got all excited when her drawings came to life.​​

​Here are some of her drawings in the “Magic” series:

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Day and Night

By Julia F. Bernardo

All the stars of light,

The clouds are cold and white;

As the sun shines bright,

Like the little stars at night.

In day and night everywhere we go,

It still won’t snow;

During the day bunnies hop,

At night birds flop.

Rain starts to fall I hear it like the faucet,

Thunder starts to come like a rocket;

The sun starts to shine,

I think summer is fine.