Months Leading To…

We started out wanting to have a baby after the first year of our marriage. We wanted to enjoy life — just the two of us. No curfews, no rules, getting to know each of our habits, and just us transitioning from “I” to “we”. Henry got a permanent job while I’m still here in OCA doing government work and studying. The first year went and by the middle of the second year I was contemplating to have a baby already. We were bombarded with questions about babies, which was absolutely normal. Henry said that once we had our first child it will be replaced with “kelan masusundan?”. My mom and some my officemates kept scaring me about my biological clock and Henry’s age and if we keep prolonging it we might not have one when we really want it. It was even aggravated when some of the people I know had miscarriages or ectopic pregnancies (three the least all in the span of months). I was worried by October 2007 and tried to convince Henry that we should follow everyone’s advice and have a baby. He promised me by 2008 we will, but honestly being paranoid with all the stories, I felt that it may be too late.

For our second year anniversary last January 29, 2008, we decided to go to our original honeymoon place Hong Kong. As we know, tourists walk all the time. We were both perplexed why I was the one who gets tired easily when I know that I can walk all day all night when shopping. I prefer to lounge and relax than go to night markets. And even as I plodded the streets of mainland Hong Kong (as in we literally did!) and eat less than usual, my pants got tighter because I have fat sides. February marked my supposed menstrual date. The first day of my last menstruation was December 31, 2007, and my being irregular with 45 to 50++ days of menstrual cycle, February was approximately my time of the month. I even have a program in my palm organizer Femdays to calculate my next period based on the average cycles together with my ovulation dates. All the signs before menstruation were present so I was feeling disappointed. I really wanted to get pregnant right away.

50 days passed… and instead of guessing that I was pregnant I was wondering why I was not having my period. After a lot of thought and goading by my officemates and Wennie, I bought a pregnancy test at a local drugstore. I remembered it was February 14, 2008. Henry and I, exchanged our inexpensive gifts — Banana crunch from red ribbon from Henry and a caricature of us that I doodled one lazy afternoon.

I waited until next morning to do the test since the instruction said it is highly accurate during that time. I followed the instructions to the tee, not wanting to make a mistake and waste a 120 pesos tester. I felt tense and excited, worse than taking an exam because this is something I have no control over. Then finally I saw the two purple lines as clear as can be!

I am pregnant!!

I barged into the room and announced the good news with my urine soaked pregnancy test. Henry just barely awake, got up and hugged me immediately bossing me around not to jump because I was.

After Henry, I immediately grabbed the phone and called my mother who I know will be as excited, or more than excited than I am, and instructed her not to tell anyone yet until it’s verified by the doctor.


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