The First Trimester

As it happened, I was on my second month when I found out. I went to the doctor for a check up and was confirmed. It was screaming pregnant again with two purple lines clearly marked. I was given folic acid and calcium supplement. I was now armed and ready.

Now that I know I’m pregnant, there must be some things constant that I may expect? No idea actually. I do not have a comparison. Most of my friends are distant or otherwise kept to themselves while pregnant so I’m taking things in as it comes. They said my boobs got bigger. I felt my pants got tighter since I was in HK. My appetite grew somehow. I have this craving for sandwiches every merienda gaining 13 lbs in a span of a month. I feel I will not survive without breakfast. I also want to chew all the time because of nausea. I like to eat yellow things… ripe mangoes, pineapples, French fries, corn, and yellow cab pizzas (I can finish half a box). Funny all my favorite sweet things left me. I do not enjoy eating my favorite of all favorites… chocolates!

I am torn between telling people and not telling them since I always hear people say “magingat ka… wag ka magulo… pagingatan mo yan… delikado pa tong mga bwan na to…” so… it’s possible that my good news may not be as good in the coming days. Only my father said otherwise. “kumilos ka lang ng normal, kung malaglag e di malaglag. Ibig lang sabihin non na may problema yan talaga at di dapat sya tumuloy.”

Mornings are regular while afternoons are tiresome. I think it has something to do with the folic acid I’m taking. I feel really weird at night. I think rather than morning sickness, it should be night sickness. Like a stomach flu bug will attack anytime… I nauseate a lot. I go to the bathroom ready to vomit it all out but nothing comes out. I hate vomiting. It’s the most horrible thing on earth so I was sort of glad that it’s not happening yet. What I do to counter it is to eat ALL THE TIME.

I also have this aversion to the mall. I felt really disoriented while shopping. All the people around me seem to move fast. My bionic sense of smell picks up everything. The yucky coffee bun smell, people’s sweat, perfume, restaurant kitchen moist rags… oh good God… everything! Ate Joy also lent me a copy of the book “What to expect when you’re expecting”. A heaven sent book. It gave me a guide of sorts for what to eat, what other pregnant women were feeling, and how to cope with the changes in and out of my body.


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