The Second Trimester

It was about the fourth month when it happened. I vomit everything he or she does not like.… I lost 2 pounds because of this. I also have this sour aftertaste after each meal. But my love for food surpassed all of these and I just kept on eating. I started to have headaches during the fourth month and pimples just kept appearing on my chin. I have two sprouts each week and not just the cute dot kind but the big pus infested kind.

Some said I am big for my month while others said otherwise. I think it all depends on the clothes I’m wearing. I still use my non-pregnant clothes that were big on me paired with some blouses that my mom and I bought. Pants are the number one necessity because even at the early stages at two months I find it difficult to fit into my skinny jeans. I sort of got used to wearing a dress to work to the delight of my male officemates.

What makes me really uncomfortable is that people like to touch my tummy! I felt that my personal bubble sometimes get violated. And since I came from a non-touchy family, I get startled with hands reaching out.

People also want to play the guessing game of the blue and pink. Two of them say that they have not yet been wrong and both of them said it’s a girl. Others said that because of my appetite it’s a boy. I planned to have my ultrasound on my 7th month to be sure and ask my brother to host a baby shower.

May 14, 2008

I felt fluttering in my tummy since yesterday. I don’t know if it’s just acid or the baby kicking. I thought it would be scary feeling movements inside me but actually I’m a little excited – if this is really it. I read that moms usually sense it by the 5th month and only the thinnest ones feel it on the 4th. I’m not that skinny at 120 lbs and it may easily be just bubbles inside me. I really want to share it with Henry but I have to be sure first.

May 16, 2008

My fourth month check up. It’s true. It’s the baby. They called it quickening, and although I still do not feel the heartbeat, those movements are from the baby… Hmmn… does that mean I’m thin?

May 21, 2008


…Are the first things my mom bought. We went to two malls just to find glass bottles. First in Shangri la Edsa, where we found 2 bottles with pink caps, and next in SM North Edsa where we found 4 bottles with white caps. I don’t know what I’ll do with the pink ones though if our baby’s a boy… I think I sort of wish for it to be a girl, even though my eating habits say it’s a boy, so that we’ll wear matching dresses and be kikay together.


…for maternity clothes is not fun. Traditional maternity clothes are all frilly, with lace and ruffles while other modern cuts are so out there that I can’t even imagine someone from this timeline will wear them.

Everything I fit makes me look like I’m wearing a pillow case. I swear I don’t know how difficult it is to be larger than large until now. I’m a regular girly girl. I try not to be vain but I am. So when I see myself in the mirror with my face all puffed up, pimples on my chin, fat thighs and arms, and big tummy, I can’t help have self esteem issues. I honestly don’t want to think it because it may affect the baby so I just psych myself into thinking that this is the perfect opportunity to see myself fat.


… is perfectly harmless. I read in the preggy bible that as pregnant women we must try to appear presentable to prevent self esteem issues. I break out whenever I wear make-up but since I have that already, I guess its worth to pretty myself a little bit. I applied liquid blush on and powder for a week. I like what I saw, a fresher version of me.

My officemates seem to like it too although they did not even notice I’m wearing make-up. After a week I gave up… new pimples are starting to attack my face. I think I get two a week and that’s a really big issue for me. I was advised to apply erythromycin cream and benzoyl peroxide by my dermatologist. I just hope she knows what she’s doing. I just console myself that you have to be ugly once in your life to appreciate the times you are not.

May 27, 2008

We officially started renovating our room. I was absent yesterday because we transferred from the bedroom to the living room. When finished, it was a really funny sight. I feel I’m inside an informal settler with makeshift everything.

Our curtains were made of blankets stapled and taped to a wooden stick hooked to the ceiling. Clothes were hung near the spiral staircase while the cabinet blocks the opening between the living room and kitchen. It also prevents the air-conditioned air leaving the room. Our whiteboard was above the cabinet with blankets covering the rest of the open spaces. The TV was in the corner while Henry’s desk was above our bed.

Amazingly I had a good night’s sleep. When I woke up I thought I was in the province even with our camp-like situation.

Back track… I was officially the construction manager and a very bad one! Here are some of by boo boos: I do not know how much I should pay Robert for his services and I overpaid. I gave him 450 a day with lunch and transportation which amounts to 550 a day. I bought a paint mix from Wilcon with the brand Dunn Edwards. It costs 1300++ a gallon as opposed to 480 per gallon of white from Boysen. I do hope it’s worth it. Our floor is all chomped up by termites. If I knew I should have lowered Robert’s rate because it will take him two weeks to finish everything. It will probably amount to more than our budget for construction.

I still have to buy furniture: 1. Bed frame 2. Cabinet for clothes 3. Kitchen organizer 4. Baskets for storage.

May 29, 2008

I’m having tummy aches. I’m a little scared that I may have spotting but it’s kind of similar to the feeling I get when I need to go to the bathroom. I stuffed myself with polvoron and taho this morning and probably my overeating validates that I really need to go to the bathroom.

Baby Shower Thoughts…

Is it customary to have a baby shower in the Philippines? Or is it solely a western tradition. I know that christening is the equivalent of a baby shower but gifts two months after the birth is not really as needed because the parents already bought all the things they will need for the arrival of the baby. We, nanay, ryan, and I, surveyed the possibilities of Rustan’s and SM baby department for the possible baby shower registry. Rustan’s has a wide range of expensive and not so expensive gifts but the name in itself is a little daunting.


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