Third Trimester

July 22, 2008

Henry’s back! After crying Sunday night because of the thought that Henry’s flight will be delayed because of Victor’s back pain did not happen. I anxiously wait for Henry’s return yesterday and enjoyed the time we spent buying regulated sweets in Duty Free. We also bought nanay her birthday gift perfume.

Today we went to Trinoma to get my pelvic ultrasound to count the fingers and toes if it’s complete and to know the gender. We ate at mann hann which was right across the Medical City Extension in Trinoma.

As usual, hospitals are so slow when it comes to procedures. I spent most of the time waiting for the doctor who was in National bookstore. Maybe having the ultrasound there was not a good idea after all. Finally after two hours, we were in the room and preparing ourselves for the news. The machine displayed fuzzy images that apparently only the doctor understands. Our baby was a little bit jumpy and moves around a lot so the doctor had a hard time capturing images to measure. She measured the head, the thigh bone, the abdomen, and the placenta. She asked us if we want to know the gender and we said yes.

It’s a girl!!!

As soon as we got out of the room I texted Tatay, Nanay, Ryan, and Diane. Tatay was the first to respond and all of them were ecstatic. I asked the soon to be daddy how he feels about our baby being a girl and he honestly said he was a little scared. He said he was required to pick her up all the time, to have her own room, and all the necessary security procedures. I goaded him about suitors and he jokingly said no suitors until she’s 40! I saw how he takes his role so seriously.

It was unexpected, because I felt that it’s a boy but now I’m daydreaming of ballet classes, pink ribbons, and everything cute and pretty.

July 29, 2008

I am nearing the end of my seventh month. I am a whopping 135 pounds and still growing. I try not to think about it that much since I get a little uneasy of the post partum weight I have to lose. I ate a whole bag of oishi, half a can of cheese curls, and two big Nantucket cookies yesterday while waiting for Henry to arrive. I felt guilty of all the sinful things I stuff in my mouth lately. I have cravings for sweets and I feel that all the time I kept refusing at the first trimester came back triple nowadays.

We like the name Julia — Julia Bernardo. Besides, all of the Julias I know are pretty. Whenever she hears music I feel her swimming around as if dancing. She responds to my voice sometimes and other times whenever I touch my tummy she moves around but when other people do it she suddenly clams up.

I like singing to her even with my out-of-tune voice whenever I drive to the office. I feel her listening somehow.

I am a little scared raising her. I had this thought that she’s here to teach me a lesson because of all my wrong doings when I was a child. She will be the one to let me feel all the pain I caused my mother. I hope and pray she will have her father’s character when it comes to dealing with people. Regardless of all the things we have to do. I am excited to see her. Two months seem such a long time. I can’t wait to hug her.

September 24, 2008

It’s been a while. Two weeks more until the anticipated October 8. I hope labor will come before that because otherwise it feels anti-climactic. All the changes I felt before were nothing compared to what I’m feeling lately. I always hoped to be a cute, flawless pregnant woman. The kind who can wear spaghetti straps and cute designer preggy wear. Unfortunately I am one of the unlucky ones where every hidden areas gets dark all of a sudden. I noticed that on the 8th month. The pimples I so often mention on my chin is not as bad if I knew the quality and quantity of that now. It appeared and constantly appearing on my forehead, nose, and chin. And everytime I pop one, two more appear the following day. It seems like they are walking on my face, neck, back and chest making me look dirty with red and brown dots all over.

I am now 152 lbs. and still growing. I dont really feel the need to diet so everytime I look at myself in the mirror I want to cry. I am all puffed up. I have stubby fingers, large thighs, legs, and feet. My face is so round that people say I have three chins already, which is slightly a good thing because it matches my big, red nose. The only consolation that I can think of is the way Henry tries to console me about how I look. It makes me lighthearted when he touches my tummy and talks to Julia, applies baby powder on my back, hugs me and holds my stubby hands.


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