First Day of…

the official start of my vacation!

Eventhough I would rather stay working and take my leave on the 6th of October, Henry insisted that I stay home. And eventhough I tried to take my mind off work, it proved to be futile. I was drafting yesterday for my side job given that it’s a holiday. This morning, I have been organizing and writing the technical specifications for my day job. I do hope that there will be minimal problems at work but with my fuzzy thinking this past few months, that would be a miracle.

After fretting over write-ups for polycarbonate roofing sheets, my mom and I went grocery shopping and was surprised about the cost of things. It was double my original budget. I guess we need to start saving what’s left over this month because I used a thousand from our cut off.

It’s 415 pm, another day will pass soon… I will eventually have to do my reaction paper tomorrow and submit next week.


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