Notes on the first month

Julia celebrated her first month birthday with an immunization shot. We were in the clinic early in the morning with her cutesy pink flower dress. This is her second shot and I still can not bear the fact that she’ll get hurt. Expected pain does not lessen the dread. We were worried because she has rashes all over her face. It has been two weeks and keeps getting worse. We already consulted at the onset and were given medication but apparently it works for a limited time. Once applied, the affected area clears but infects the other areas in greater number. After a week I gave up and tried applying breast milk (did not work), her mild soap (also did not work) and water (my last resort). We tried consulting with other moms and all of them said not to worry for it will pass by in time.

The doctor saw her face and said that it has something to do with what I’m eating. I have to stay away from seafoods, peanut butter, chicken, chocolates, and other foods that may cause allergies. She learned that Henry, Nanay, and Mommy (Henry’s mom), all have asthma and said that Julia already has 70% chance of getting it also. If it pursues up to the 8th month, the rashes may lead to asthma or eczema. I just have to pay close attention to my diet.

She is a jolly baby and cries only when hungry. She likes to smile a lot and sometimes laughs even while sleeping. We were wondering what babies dream of given that dreams are visual and they can not see yet. Nanay and Tatay are very taken with their new grand daughter. Her endearing smile makes people want to hug and carry her all the time. She loves being carried. She loves the warmth of hugs. When you think she’s sleeping she will half open her eyes as if to say do not put me in my crib.

She coos when you talk to her sort of signaling how chatty she’ll be. Most people who see her say she is bigger than her age. She already has round arms, thighs, and legs and her pronounced cheeks. Her fingernails grew so fast that we really have to cut it even before she reached one month.

She dresses as if going out with high socks from nanay. She has daywear and nightwear and changes clothes twice a day. As much as she’s fashionable, I became dowdy wearing my mother’s pajamas. I can not dress up because everything is leaking. I still have sporadic lochea and breast milk leakage. And since I do not go out, I do not think there is a point in dressing up aside from the fact that my old clothes still do not fit me. I still wear my maternity clothes during check-ups.

My itinerary is as follows:
5 am wakes up for feeding then sleeps
7 am wakes up for sunbathing
730 am breakfast
8 am feeding and sleeping
10 am bath time and cleaning
11 am feeding and sleeping prawn position, opportunity for a fast bath
12 nn opportunity for a fast lunch
2 pm feeding
3 pm feeding and playtime
5 pm feeding and sleeping
6 pm opportunity for a fast dinner
7 pm feeding and playtime, watching the news and soap operas
11 pm feeding and rocking to sleep for an hour
2 am feeding and rocking to sleep for an hour
4/5 am feeding and rocking to sleep for an hour

Most of the time Henry and Nanay substitute for me from 10 pm to 1 am, bottle feeding with my milk. That gives me the opportunity to sleep so I can wake up at 2am until breakfast in the morning. I can not sleep during day time because of the little things that needs to be done (such as arrangements on her baby book, her baptismal, her pictures, her bottles and bath necessities, my writing, etc.). I imagined my vacation to be all about relaxation and was I wrong! I never knew that that little requires that much work. And I never knew that a simple facial expression, preferably a smile, can wipe out all thoughts aside from that moment.

The preparation for the baptism party is still on-going with the invitations designed by Uncle Ryan. I still haven’t able to give the lists of ninangs and ninongs to the pastor. Probably today, I will email the list…


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