Christmas 2008

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This is our year. The year that we received our most precious gift.

I was unaware of the time, the place, and the people around us. I was centered on keeping our baby comfortable and happy.

Nanay and I were in the province earlier than Henry and Tatay. We have spent a week with Julia in Tayabas where we spend all our Christmas eves. Henry came that day and we stayed up late. I was breastfeeding most of the time because she feeds every two hours and at two months I was shy breastfeeding in public. I was also unaware of breastfeeding pharaphernalias. We were inside the room most of the time but occasionally I would go out of nanay’s room or inana’s room where I let Julia sleep to shriek with my cousins. Whenever i carried Julia out her titas and titos will tease her and eventually make her cry! She’s not used to loud noises yet. She’s wore her yellow dress that lola got for daywear and her pajama that uncle ryan got her from Thailand for her nightwear. She’s so cute!

Come Christmas gift giving time I took so long opening the presents! She got lots of gifts from her lolas, lolos, titas and titos. They were all wonderful and useful that I’m very thankful for everything. These are all icing on our favorite cake!

1. Small towels and pillow and comforter set from lola Anna
2. Bottle and clothes from lola Leovy
3. Pink pajama set with booties from enfant from lola Nelia
4. Fairy tale Book from tita Denise
5. Children’s bible and doll from lola and lolo
6. Addidas jogging pants set from ninong Marty
7. Addidas shoes from uncle Ryan
8. Cheque from lolo and lola
9. Cash from lola Lita

It reminded me of everyone’s love and support. And I know we are all blessed to have an angel as part of our family. Thank you again for the never ending blessings.


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