Breastfeeding blues

I have this fear of losing my milk before one year… I think it is starting to happen now. I used to express at least 6 oz. before but now, im lucky if I even reach 4 oz. in a single pump. Before I used to pump three times a day, now, I have difficulty getting more than 1 oz. on my third pump.

I tried taking natalac three time a day but I think it does not help much. My brother thinks I am dehydrated and probably because I go to the gym. But I only do pilates once a week… It may also be because I lack sleep since October. In any case, I need to find out the cause soon. I asked my mother to make soup and I even had nilaga for lunch today. I will eat nilaga every day if I have to!

I find that working mothers who breastfeed are in a contest to find out who can breastfeed longer. I think subconsciously we are trying to outdo each other or atleast perform up to par. It has its advantages since you feel guilty when you perform below the norm. I now am guilty. There was one day when my daughter drank pure formula milk. I should produce more than I do today because she will eventually like the taste of formula milk when this continues.


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