Thank you

It has been 5 months and 5 days since Julia, our gift, was given to us. All these time I kept talking about me — what I have been through, what hardships I have been feeling, and all the changes that has happened in our lives. And all the while I was not able to thank God outright for all the blessings that have been showered upon us. I have been selfish, being obsessed about perfecting the little things about motherhood and missing all the wonderful occurrences when looked at in the big picture. I know it is not too late. I thank God for giving me..

…a healthy, pretty, and unproblematic daughter. All I asked for when I was pregnant happened. She got the best of what we have and more. Our smiley is so gracious with her smile even if she’s not feeling well. She’s always waits for me and gets all out excited to see me come home. The adage is true, all the troubles that happened during the day disappears whenever you come home and see your baby smile to greet you.

…a loving and supportive husband who took care of me while pregnant and continues to take care of us. I know that he has his family at the top of his priorities, putting our needs before his. For holding my hands, assuring me I’m still his best girl even when everything about me is changing due to hormones. For giving me the best possible care when I went through childbirth.

…my nanay and my tatay. Who accommodates us during our three months stay in our house. For all the expenses and shopping trips that I sometimes forget to immediately pay back. They even shop for the sheer joy of knowing that it looks good on their granddaughter. For loving Julia unconditionally and letting us know it. I enjoy seeing their faces as they kiss, hug, and play with her showing how they appreciate the time we spend with them. My nanay also forgoes her gallivanting in place of taking care of Julia during the day. She gives us peace of mind when Henry and I are in the office. For training our helper how to do things the way we want to.

…my mother and father in law. Who makes room for us during weekends. For giving Julia presents even before she was born and continually gives her things in preparation for her future. For letting us know that they enjoy the time Julia is with them. For wanting to carry her even if they feel so tired. They simply can not resist the power of her smile.

…my friends who constantly checks up on me during and after pregnancy. They even go out of their way to visit the office and shop with me so they can catch up on what’s happening. They even adjust their schedule whenever I am free, knowing that I’m busy with Julia. And does not get annoyed when I cancel or cannot even meet with them.

…a wonderful job and wonderful people to work with. My job allows me to take time off when my family needs me, allows me to go home at exactly 5 in the afternoon even when I’m late during mornings, gives me the chance to study for free, and time to do experiments for school . My officemates made my life easier in the office by going with me through inspections, washing my dishes during lunch time because they know I hate the smell of the pantry, feeding me with fruits even if it’s their baon, shouldering my work when I took the leave of absence, and trying to cheer me up when I am barfing every once in a while in the toilet.

…help when I need it. He gave me ate Zeny to take care of me the first few months and when that did not work for long, he gave me a replacement instantly who is equally or more dedicated than the first.

…extra jobs that I can handle even if He knows I procrastinate.

…and a whole lot more that I never asked for.

My life is just amazing and I cannot ask for anything more. There should be no room for negative thoughts for all of these are outweighed by positive things. A simple thank you seems so tiny compared to all the blessings showered upon us.


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