She has four teeth! two at the top and two at the bottom. This made nursing a little bit harder… sometimes I brace myself through clenching my teeth and hands from her incisors.

She is now enjoying the sound of her voice. She constantly calls dear Henry papa (her first word!) and says it all the time! to Henry’s delight and to my fake annoyance.

She likes to lull herself to sleep (and while nursing– a multi-tasker!) and sings in the car specifically to Regine’s Ulan.

She knows how to crawl! finally! after wondering when she’ll use her arms and legs not her head.

She knows how to use the walker. At first she kept on going backwards but after a lot of exercise in her grandma’s yard she finally learned how to reach her goal.

She knows how to stand up in her crib two months ago so it was finally converted to a playpen.

She had her first studio picture taken last Thursday. We can’t wait for the pictures to be ready. She’s sooo adorable with her casual, diaper, and angel (most of the costumes were unavailable) outfit. Ninong Marty bought her a japanese common folk pajama set and will probably have another studio pictorial soon!

She’ll soon have a bank account of her own for the cash gifts c/o her loved ones. Her birth certificate has been delivered yey! and tatay (or papa) will have a tax deduction! double yey!

And the most fun of all… She knows the power of her cry! Making us ladies attend to her at every cue. For now it’s cute, but she’ll definitely hear a lot about not getting whatever she wants when she’s old enough to understand.


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