happy happy

8 months!!

We had cake and pansit malabon to celebrate! while Julia ate oats, kalabasa, and kamote hehe and a little taste of her cake. Unfortunately we went to the doctor early in the morning because it has been two days of fever regulated by paracetamol. This has been the first time. Even if she had shots, or tooth eruption, or allergies, where she’s expected to have it, she doesn’t. We were a bit scared that she may have gotten it in the mall because of her mother the mall rat. The lady in the elevator said something about me not being scared of taking my child to the mall even if there are reports of AH1N1 in the country (grr!!). Now I am! Does this mean I am not a good mother sacrificing her child to such perils??

She had CBC taken to rule out dengue. I hope it’s tigdas hangin so she’ll be free from fever tomorrow.

Still… happy happy 8th month!


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