Being a mother changed me.

My weekly shopping sprees were reduced dramatically and transferred to baby supplies. The things I allowed myself to purchase were breast pads and disposable breast milk bags. Besides, I hate store fitting rooms because my weight and skin complexion were so different than before.

I became forgiving with my body type. I realized I was so cruel for criticizing it before I was pregnant. Pregnancy and child birth showed me what “fat” looks like. And each transformation humbles me to appreciate my body more each day.

I think about milk supply and how I must make the quota.

I consider malls with breastfeeding stations heaven sent. I look forward to a lighter baby bag. And if it does not have one, I have to be creative and find areas where breastfeeding is not a big deal (usually within the lingerie section and the baby department).

I appreciate my mother even more. She’s right when she said I’ll understand her in due time. I guess Iya’s here to let me learn that lesson.

Sleep is so darn good. I wonder when I will be able to sleep for 8 hours straight.


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