Family Outing

airplane ride
Originally uploaded by mahlice

We spent a long independence day weekend, three days and two nights, in White Rock, Subic, Zambalez as part of Henry’s Company Summer Outing. Travelling with a baby has a lot of what ifs to consider and is better to bring more than forget one thing. Julia’s luggage is already 60% of what we brought.

While they play games and other team building activities, we head out to the pool where Julia first experienced swimming (aside from her daily splash inside her batya!) and my shortest swim so far. Even if she loves the water so much we had to take her out which was ofcourse followed by the usual drama. After 40 minutes of swimming, with her fingers and toes all wrinkly, she had a very very good long siesta.

She also enjoyed the vegetarian food of tofu and sweet potato tempura, turon, eggplant caserole, and veggie karekare. Not being a picky eater from the start, she’s not satisfied with small spoonfuls. It’s supposed to be quick and without interval. I’m worried of choking since she’s new to rice, but apparently she knows how to swallow well.

The weekend was really a day of r and r. It was a weekend well spent.


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