What I learned

I read the basics from kellymom but there are some things I learned from experience and suggestions from friends:

1. There will always be a time when you can not pump on the prescribed 2 to 3 hours interval and all you can do is hope that it will not diminish milk supply.

2. There will be days when milk supply is low and does not necessarily mean that it will remain low permanently.

3. There should be atleast three evident letdowns per session.

4. Breastpumps are not created equal. There will be a brand that you will be accustomed using. Changing breastpumps will require atleast a week to get used to.

5. It is not the pump. Expensive electric pumps are not always better. I have friends who have oversupply even with a manual pump. But I personally prefer electric pumps simply because I’m lazy.

6. If you have a clogged duct, check your nipple. If there is a white dot, scrape it off. It’s the end of the clogged duct.

7. Pumping should really be atleast 30 minutes.

8. Do not compare yourself with others, you may feel crappy afterwards. Check whatever your baby needs and pump a little more for emergencies.

9. If possible pump while nursing. Letdown is faster. However, if you have a baby like mine, it’s absolutely impossible. She’s so curious and keeps pulling the tubes out of the motor. Instead invest in a double pump.

10. 2 oz. in a session is normal. It is okay to refrigerate and add more after another session.


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