My Kimono Girl

Originally uploaded by mahlice

The model is wearing a traditional japanese folk kimono by ninong Marty, elle bunny also from japan by tito paul. Hair and makeup by nanay alice and yaya jenny

photographed by tita pon

Location: UP Diliman

Ironically this picture represents my inclination to Japanese made products. It seems that most of the things that I buy or things given that I really like were made in Japan. It was not intended because I often have a bias to Philippine made products. But I can not help but admire the ingenuity, research, and thought that were given to the product/s conception.

1. Bottles – My mother has this glass bottles or no bottles at all preference. The brands available were Evenflo, Pigeon, or Chicco. All else were made from plastic. She bought the first few Pigeon bottles with the peristaltic nipple that were really from Japan the one that looks like a “garapon” as my brother called it. Julia loves it. She did not experience nipple confusion making it easier to go back to work. She also does not spill milk at all unlike the other nipples.

2. Toy – The Tomy Disney is like looking at a Voltes V baby plaything. The “Winnie the Pooh” mobile was used when she was 3-5 months old then transforms into a cart when she was 7 months and learning to walk. Seeing her convert the mobile gym to a cart is like seeing her progress. It teaches her how to walk, recognize shapes and colors, have fun with sounds from the different rattles with most of the parts re-used.

3. Baby Feeding Set – The combi baby set was given by my brother and it’s so chic with its pastel yellow and green colors. It can be assembled together for compact travelling. I did not even buy a grinder anymore because one of the bowls has spikes for mashing.

4. My pump – I have not tried a medela pump yet but the pigeon double pump is efficient in pumping enough supply. It takes less than two minutes for a letdown and helps me to have atleast three evident letdowns per session. It’s noisy though, so I can not simultaneously pump and nurse.

5. Electric toothbrush – This one is just a splurge buy. Henry and I have electric toothbrushes and I love Julia to have one as well. It lights up too! so cute!

6. My fashionable nursing clothes from mamaway making breastfeeding in public discreet.


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