10 months

It’s time to celebrate again even with the downpour! It has been 10 months of absolute joy! Nanay will be preparing spaghetti while Henry and I will be buying cake and ice cream later. Julia knows how to shake hands just last night. Henry taught it to her and they are both very proud of it. She’s still the sweet, unfussy girl we love. She had her first step unassisted on the Nanay/ Lola’s bed. She can take three steps already! clap clap! and her dance does not only limit to bending her knees but she can swivel her torso while flapping her arms. This may sound funny but so adorable when you look at her. She loves to dance to the tune of Hannah Montana’s opening song. Making me reconsider her party theme to shift to Hannah Montana. Hmn… hot pink with lots of glitters!? I better think about it again. Two months to go… We still have a lot to do with the preparations.

Jenny, her yaya is still absent. It has been three weeks now… almost a full month. The timing has been inappropriate with lots of things going on in my other life for the past couple of weeks. Thankfully, with the help of a divine force, it’s starting to return to normal.

Nanay will also be gone next week so it’s necessary for her to return to work or I won’t haha

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