Saturday just got a little bit fun when we went to the Dentist at 10 am. I know most people would cringe at that thought but I know we will spend a few hours in the mall afterwards. Julia got her first dentist check-up given her 8 little choppers. I am a little early in Philippine standards because Mel, our dentist, said that checkups for our little one starts at 2 years old. I was not aware for I read somewhere that you have to start as soon as your baby has atleast 4 teeth. Well, it was you should take the baby to a pedodontist which is not exactly easy to find. He told us things we already know but seldom do. Since she is breastfed, I did not fall into the habit of giving water after nursing. I guess I should start soon.

We went to the mall after the appointment. We were waiting for Henry to park the car so we stayed at the entrance of Toy Kingdom. There were toy bicycles, cars, trucks parked but Julia did not pay any attention to these. She was more interested with the balloon towers flanking both sides of the entrance. Whenever I touch a balloon I mention the color, after a few tries, whenever I say the color she will look at the matching balloon.

We ate lunch, bought necessities, found two sleeveless bodysuits (she sweats easily and profusely), and went home. I carried Julia using a sling and I found curious stares by other moms who probably wonder where I got it. Amazingly two hours of walking were not as tiring on my shoulder and back as compared to arm carrying.

This was the second time that we went out as a family without any outside help. It was comfortable, carefree, and we were unaware of the time.


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