Julia can now walk from me to her yaya and back! ofcourse this includes excited squeals as if she’s also excited by her accomplishment. She has been walking unsupported sometime now, but this week has been her most steps yet. She sways as if drunk though especially if she wants to run or she’s tired already. A little more practice…

She memorized her first body part– the nose! of all things! apparently she learned this last week August 6, during her 10th month. Whenever you ask her where’s your nose, she immediately points with INTENSITY! making me say… anak dahan dahan lang lalong mapapango yan! haha

She now knows what the wholly lamb says — Baa! and I think the fuzzy duck also although its a little bit more difficult to pronounce, it sounds like qua!–ck

She now perfected the bye bye and hello wave and the flying kiss. She does not lick her palms anymore 🙂


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