I was cooking last Saturday when Henry called to show me something he discovered. When I entered the room I saw Julia holding her favorite book “Bedtime Basics” showing Betsy Beaver doing the usual routine before going to bed. The page shows Betsy putting her toys away. Henry asked “Where’s the car?” and she immediately points to the drawing of the toy car. I did not expect that she can understand (if that really is the term) words and its corresponding object. Jenny said that she already knew that months ago but somehow I only saw it last Saturday. In addition, other items in the book are the ball, teddy bear, rubber ducky, boat, toothbrush, toothpaste, Betsy and Betsy’s mom. If she’s in a good mood, she points all of them for you and will try to pronounce the car and the ball too.

She also knows where her head/ hair, ears, mouth, and tummy are in addition to her nose. When asked she points or holds her ears. She sometimes get confused but most of the time she gets it right. And it’s so rewarding to witness it.

She had her first carousel ride last night. She’s so brave! She did not even cry or refuse. She just sat on the horse and smiles whenever she sees a familiar face.


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