Yaya Seminar

I was a hesitant when I saw this ad about a yaya seminar but then again whatever she may learn will benefit both of us. Curiosity got the better of me and we let Jenny attend just last Saturday. And with this, we can say that if ever we missed out on certain things, there was somebody who can fill the gaps. It was professional enough with about 20 participants in a restaurant within the Ortigas Home Depot Compound. The seminar was taught by a nurse and a teacher. There was a slideshow presentation and handouts for everybody. Lunch and merienda was also inclusive in that 9am to 4am seminar.

So while she was there, we were in the home depot with Julia. Instead of going home and spending the whole day in the car, we opted to go to the mall. I felt the toll of carrying my baby since I left my pouch at the other house. My arms were aching that night as if I spent the afternoon in the gym. We got to experience the kid’s toilet and the breastfeeding room in Jumpstreet, Galleria and later that night, the nursery in Shangri-la Mall. It’s always a good thing to discover these places that made me relax my arms a little. Julia also wanted to walk so she was running around whenever she had the chance. I seldom let her go, worried that she might tumble. So far she has been steadily increasing her steps to about 20 or more on a good day. We just have to wait a while longer.

At about 4 pm we picked up Jenny. According to her we are on the right track of raising an unspoiled child. From all her stories, what I particularly liked is the First Aid part. They were taught how to do CPR for infants and adults and other solutions to common problems. I hope she may not be able to practice that though… I felt she really listened and enjoy the lecture (probably because she was given the impression that there was an exam hehe).


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