A Party!

Invitation 1
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Julia’s First Birthday Party is coming up in less than a month. It made me recollect the first birthday parties that she attended within her first year 🙂

1. Kuya John – A traditional backyard party — our backyard with clowns and pabitin!
2. Ate Lian – Jollibee party with a Dora the explorer party theme! The first time she saw Jollibee.
3. Ate Alison – Ozeano Ocean Park with the under the sea theme where she got her nemo stuffed toy and the trip to see the big fishies.
4. Kuya Miguel – Backyard party with lots of red, blue, and yellow balloons and a thomas lollipop.
5. Kuya Jacob – Slept most of the time… more interested in feeding pandesal to the daisy look-a-like
6. Ate Gabby – enjoyed the music and danced most of the time. Loved looking and smiling at the clowns. Brought a winnie the pooh toy back home.
7. Ate Zanshin – Jollibee party again yey!! When she entered the room, all apprehensions disappeared when she saw the Jollibee party hats. She kept on kissing Jollibee drawings all the time. When the mascot finally appeared she was starstrucked! She kept on smiling, clapping, dancing, pointing to make me take her there. She followed him all the way out. I never knew she was that kind of a Jollibee fan!


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