What’s up at 10 and a half months…

A conversation with my friend recently made me wonder what Julia’s been up to:

1. She can now fully understand that words mean something. She can recognize objects in books such as a car, ball, vegetable, and fruits.

2. She knows body parts such as the nose, eyes, ears, head, hair, mouth, tummy, and feet.

3. She shows her tongue when asked. Especially during meal times since she usually accumulates food in her mouth. We need to check before feeding her a spoonful.

4. She recognizes people in print/ photo and in real life and points when asked (although she already knows this since she was 7 months). She knows characters such as mickey, minnie, donald, pooh, and her favorite — jollibee! she smiles and waves whenever we see jollibee signs along the road.

5. She motions her hands around her tummy when you tell her “busog”

6. She wipes her mouth with a washcloth when we tell her “wipe your mouth” or “punas”

7. She helps when you dress her up. She offers her arms when you put her shirt on and helps shoot her foot and leg inside her pants one at a time. When you say the other foot she instantly raises her foot so you can easily put her pants on.

8. She knows the word “NO” (since 8 months) and checks whether you’ll stick to it. The best teacher is my nanay. I think Julia’s afraid of her hehe

9. She raises one of her arms whenever you say “kiss sa kili-kili” funny lang hehe

10. She already perfected bye-bye, flying kiss, smile, pray, dance, clap, and the sound when you ask “what does the wholly lamb say?” — baa!

11. She’s starting to grasp numbers and can count 1-2-3 using her fingers.

12. She knows how to use objects such as a comb (tries to comb by herself), powder puff (pats on the powder case and pats on her face hehe), and cell phone/ phone (places on her ears and mouth)

13. She says “mamam” when thirsty and wants to be breastfed. She also says papa, yayay, mama, and baa…

14. She can put the triangle and circle in the shapesorter tray.

15. She recognizes colors probably learned it from diffrent colored balloons.

16. Plays with her toys as if her freinds. She lulls her rabbit and pooh to sleep and pats their leg like what we do to her. She holds them and make them walk or sit.

17. She emphatizes with her toys. There was a time when she accidentally sat on her toy lion that ninang diane gave her. She quickly got up stroked his head and embraces it as if to say she’s sorry.

18. She knows how to walk already! yey! Although we are still scared to let her do it alone. Sometimes she still trips, bonks her head, tumbles trying to get her toy… making my heart skip a beat!

19. She knows that when she throws things she has to get them and she does.

20. She hugs and kisses people she knows when asked. Usually me, Henry, Lola, Yayay, and Uncle.

21. She loves to read her Betsy Beaver, Animal Sounds, and her cloth book. She also loves to view her flashcards that mommy gave her.

22. She loves the birthday song, hannah montanna, winnie the pooh, and jollibee.

23. She sleeps on schedule at 8:30 pm to 9:00 pm when we turn off the lights. During the afternoon when you say “sleep”, she rests her head on your shoulder and hugs you. Although most of the time she does not sleep immediately 🙂

24. She makes all sorts of sounds with her mouth. She knows how to make balloons with her mouth when bored (I don’t really know where she learned this)

25. Her all time favorite toy is still — the remote control. She accidentally opens the tv, increase or decrease the volume, and change the channel. The house has atleast 10 remotes all from different appliances and she wants them all. If Henry wants to entertain her when I’m taking a bath or doing dishes, he just gives her the remote, turns the tv to disney channel and they are all set.

26. She looks older than what I expect. Sometimes she does things that made me think if she’s still less than a year old. She constantly surprises me with her expressions and antics. Even as early as 4 months she has that look like she’s thinking before reacting. And now, she is more observant than ever. I attribute this development to my mother and Jenny, her yayay. They are the best! She could not have been this bright and inquisitive without their teaching.


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