Party plans

Two more weeks before the party… Henry and I recently had a discussion about the expenses. He’s still trying to understand the concept of the lootbag and the giveaways while I fumed over his reactions. He’s computing the cost of the additionals over the food given that I have spent about a third on the entertainment, invitations, giveaways, and lootbags. He claims he cares more about food for the guests rather than giveaways. If that’s the case why did he not tell me in the first place? I was so irritated given that I have dragged all items from divisoria for a bargain. To top it off, I’m still not finished, I have to go buy flowers and vegatables, arrange the baskets, help nanay with the guestbook, and choose the party music. I’m really starting to panic!

In frustration I said he should plan the next one!


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