Julia tried to assemble her first flashlight the day of typhoon ondoy and was almost successful. She can position the batteries inside the case and top with the cover. Although she cannot do the twisting movement yet. We have been entertaining ourselves while Henry tried to fix odds and ends during the flashflood.

She can identify her abcs and numbers flashcards already. Eventhough her yaya said she has been able to do so before I witnessed it today. The quiz goes like this… her yaya will flash all cards for one round stating the letters/numbers and the image. After all these, she will shuffle and show two cards. She will ask her to touch the object in question. She will repeat the process until all the cards were shown. She’s always right. I was amazed to see how she knew all these images.

She’s starting to doodle this month. She can now write her “t” (or some semblance of it) and mirrored “j”.


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