Swimming Lessons

Instead of the usual Gymboree, we enrolled her in the “Baby and Me” program of Lozada Swimming School. Babies love the water and she is no exception. She loves the water so much that she cries when bathtime is over. She even holds her breath at about 8 months when we pour water over her head. She was And true enough, she did not even cry during her first lesson.

What was even funnier, was when Jenny constantly reminds her by counting the days left to her next lesson again. She woke up at 4 am! waking me up by opening my eyelids literally and refuses to sleep. She did not sleep in the car as if anticipating the event. She was actively participating in the games and songs. Clapping her hands when the teacher says so. She was shouting when it was the time for getting the balls as if to say… faster nanay! we need to hoard all the balls that we can! And yes we did get the most balls…

After the lessons she always sleeps…. with her mouth open! She’s that tired! but always ready for a walk immediately after waking up in her father’s office where we usually go right after.


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