Last November 2 while Henry was watching “Beverly Hills Cop” on tv, i was watching Julia playing. She was busy enough with her toys and was walking most of the time while I was only slightly aware of what she was doing.

There was this normal cop vs. bad guys scene that happens inside a house. There were lots of bullets flying all over the place similar to Filipino movie templates. Finally the bad guys were surrounded and one police officer said “Put your guns down, take two steps back, and keep your hands up!” (the routine dialogue) I saw Julia raise her arms to surrender just like the bad guys on screen! We can’t help laughing because I was not aware she was even listening!


She is a flashcard addict!! Whenever she wakes up in the morning, she would go to her toy bin and gives me her abc flashcards. She has one in our house and one at my mother’s. She has memorized the pictures of both. Even the “Zebra Crossing for letter Z”. I mean, who would put Zebra crossing for Z??? why not just use the word Zebra? I would line 6 of them and ask her where’s a particular card like a memory game. I’m always amazed no matter how many times when she gets it right.

Her favorite cards are:

The Q card with a picture of a Queen. The queen looks like the queen of hearts in Alice in Wonderland. She points to the picture and points at lola…

The N card with a picture of a nest with egg. She loves to look at the egg. Makes me wonder what is it with eggs and kids? When I was young I get all excited with lizard eggs hidden in wall cracks.

The S card with a sunflower drawing.

And The P card with a picture of a pan. I’m wondering why she likes this though… It’s not even colorful.


Julia’s been doodling away like there is no tomorrow. She knows how to hold the pen with her right and left hand making it harder for me to know if she’s right or left handed. She’s so possessive with her sketch pad that she wants no one to touch it. Sometimes her yaya’s bunso will come and play or her cousin John but she will not let them touch it. Although she gives them the megasketcher and other toys after a few minutes when she’s ready. I am happy that she knows how to share even if its in her own time.


We went grocery shopping a month ago. We decided to let Julia come with us since her yaya was out for the day. She was very patient while we choose food items while we sometimes let her hold things with colorful packaging. When we arrived at the biscuits, cookies, and junk food aisle, I only passing by since we seldom buy from this section. I heard her shout to get my attention and I looked back (she was on the cart with Henry) and asked her what she wants. When I saw what she is pointing to I was smiling with disbelief. She was pointing for us to buy her Fita, which was her favorite afternoon snack. She did not even want me to put it inside the cart instead she held the whole pack for safekeeping.


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