Toys and DVDs

Baby Einsteins DVD refund has been the subject of all mom blogs everywhere. I was encouraged by my mother’s friend who’s also a grandmom to purchase dvds featuring colors and shapes. She said this helped stimulate young minds because she has seen progress from her grandsons and granddaughters. I was not really into playing dvds for Julia because I am so lazy fiddling around with the dvd player and all thingamagicks around the house. I guess laziness has its plus points sometimes. I got my dvds from my mother (since her friend suggested it) and my friends (from her birthday). They play these every now and then when Julia requests for it. She loves watching her baby signs dvd where she learned how to do baby signs. Nothing beats direct interaction and we were very lucky to have a talkative yaya who reads and plays with our daughter than relying on alternatives.

We made a play area for Julia in my mom’s room. It’s filled with her stuffed toys, megasketcher, convertible walker tray, books, flashcards, musical toys, shape sorter, and her soft blocks. I seldom buy things for Julia because I am sooo picky! I want to make sure if she would really benefit and use the toys and not end up collecting dust. I’m in the middle of reading about her next toy — The wood blocks. Ideally it is for toddlers age one and a half so that leaves me five more months of scrutiny.

There are independent toy shops like babysmiths in shangri-la and in trinoma that sells wood toys making it easier for Julia to check out items she likes. I can’t help but laugh when she sees things (mostly stuffed toys in pink), grabs them, and hugs them tightly. There was this time in toy kingdom lucena last november 2 when she saw a stuffed pig and when I pulled it away, she sat on the floor crying. Her very first tantrum!


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