Our Gifts

Her baptismal

We threw her a Christening party but we did not even buy her a dress because she used my old Christening dress.

Her First Christmas

We did not buy her a Christmas dress, toys, or anything because at two and a half months she cannot even hold gifts. My mother bought her a dress and she even has matching black shoes so I did not bother to buy one.

Her First Birthday

We gave her a Birthday party. We bought matching dresses that my mother disapproves because she said it’s not fitting for a baby

Her Second Christmas

What to buy?? I was feeling guilty when I chatted with a fellow mom who also has a baby girl slightly younger than Iya. She bought her Christmas clothes and gifts that made me think about what I’m doing. I do not know if I should have listened to Henry who told me that gifts were not necessary. I also say to myself that Julia does not need any more things since Nanay and Marty shower her with presents every month. We opened her a bank account though… where there is a fixed amount transferred every month and a separate account for cash gifts.

I have finally decided to buy her wooden pots and pans and wood vegetable play things since she has been role playing cooking since she was 1 year old.


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