What’s up at one year and two months…

You are becoming increasingly intelligent. You are continuously exploring all kinds of activities such as scribbling and coloring (we bought you a jumbo crayon set), helping us dress you, knowing the purpose of every day objects (like your lotions, powder, even you rash creams), mimicking what we do and doing it right. You have a super imagination because at one (or i think even before you reached one) you are already doing role-playing games. The pediatrician said you are earlier than normal because these are usually expected at two years old.

You are already an expert in walking. When we go to the mall, amusement parks, or where ever we go, people stare and smile because someone so small can walk and talk so fast! They adore your rosy cheeks and they cannot help but exclaim you do not need make up anymore.

I heard different inflections of “nanay” and “tatay” which was so sweet to my ears. I know we did not make a mistake. You can say yes, no, milk, gatas, mall (such a mall rat!), baw (for sabaw), rice, baby, fish, mouse, on top of other things you can say. Sometimes I’m surprised that you can already say things while pointing the picture. While I browsed for decorative stickers you pointed and said fish and I was so proud! Even in front of millions I can lose myself and exclaim “very good!”

I taught you how to answer “what is your name?” and it only took you about ten repetitive questions. I got that inspiration because people usually ask me how old you are and since you already know how to answer that, they expected you to answer “what is your name?”. Now, you can!

You can distinguish to perfection the people around you. You can point when asked and you even know the names not just the alias (e.g. you know that your tatay is also called Henry, or you know your nanay is also called Alice, or you know that your lola is also called choly, etc.) When your lola asks you where is yayay you immediately answer “la na”. You can distinguish people inside and outside the room.

So far there are still days when you are a book addict. You have been exploring numbers with your “the very hungry caterpillar”, opposites and transportation with “curious george”, your usual abcs and every day objects in your picture books, and recently “kiss kiss” with a baby hippo. Most of the books I buy are from booksale less than 50 pesos and worth every peso. There is one story book I bought “little one step” which was sooo cute but a little more complicated so you’ll probably read it after a few more months.

You are also naughty! you imitate kuya john’s walk!
I love you my little cheeky baby!


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