Our 2009 Christmas

Family Portrait
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Pre-Christmas Parties

We have been to your tatay’s office in the morning and to mine in the afternoon on December 21, 2009. You were wearing your santa clause’s outfit complete with the santa hat from ninong Marty which made people exclaim “how cute!” everywhere you go. It was your tatay’s idea that you dress up and hand out gifts for our officemates. You also danced with the dancing Donald Duck which exponentially increased your cuteness value. After dancing, you gobbled up grapes one after the other. You insisted holding two grapes at a time while eating. Your tatay even gave you a cupful to go, given that you also have two bananas as a baon. You showcased your talents (naks!) and made ninong roy ask body parts both in english and tagalog. Making me so proud of my bilingual little star!

When you reached my party you were dead tired at 2pm and you slept in my boss’ room! I was really embarrassed but how can I say no when it’s clearly more comfortable than sleeping in my arms. When you woke up you were a little shy but eventually warmed up after a while. You displayed your dancing prowess with the popularized korean pop song “nobody, nobody but you” making you earn 100 pesos from the office. We wore matching gray dresses as if to say I was not satisfied of just looking alike but we have to dress alike too!

Christmas Eve

We spent it in Lolo Tony’s house and you were in you red dress which lola bought for you. The only contribution we gave to your outfit was your white socks! You were the second youngest but still all eyes were on you because you wore red with such radiance — such a glamorous baby! You were scared when we had our paagaw because we were screaming and shouting! When gift giving came, I had a difficult time extracting the toys out of your hand because you want to play with everything. You were so appreciative! such attention to each toy and gift made both the giver and the receiver happy. And like your first Christmas… you got the most number of gifts!

What you got in Tayabas
1. Swarovski cross pendant (matching nanay’s)
2. My pal Scout
3. Wooden plate set and fruit crate play things
4. Vegetable crate play things — our gift!
5. 2 pajama sets (matching nanay’s and lola’s)
6. Singing and dancing doll when you opened her celphone
7. Yellow umbrella (parang favorite color ni nanay)
8. Cutie canvass bag

Christmas Day

We woke up and went to church. You were awstruck with the size and the number of people attending but you were really behaved and did not cry. You did not even ask to nurse! maybe because lola was reminding you to wait until we got home. I was wearing my gray dress making it impossible to breastfeed. You were wearing the red zara dress (another one!) that ninong Marty gave when he went to Germany. After church we entertained visitors na namamasko and then went to the mall to watch the fireworks display. We wrapped your head with a lampin like a typical probinsyana while we ooohhhed and aahhhed.

Opening gifts at home

You had gifts opened at Tayabas and here at home. These are from your tatay’s friends and officemates, your ninongs and ninangs, and my friends and officemates.

1. Dancing daisy (you have a video dancing together)
2. Jungle Animal Puppets (monkey, giraffe, elephant, and lion)
3. Red Shoes
4. Stuffed Bear as big as you are
5. Stuffed Dog as bigger than you are!
6. Sofa Bed
7. Wooden Butterfly Puzzle with alphabets
8. Telephone
9. Wooden pot and pan – our gift again!
10. Lady bug matching shirt and pants
11. Yellow dress from lolo peter and lola fely before they went back home
12. Rag Doll
13. Cash and cheques 🙂

Taking care of you….

is always a pleasure. We have been the yaya for the past few weeks due to unforeseen circumstances with the help. It has been physically tiring yet emotionally fulfilling. I believe that God has plans for us and it is a wonder that situations such as this one came so appropriately during Christmas. This enabled us to become closer as a family which is what Christmas should be all about. Our time together made going back to work harder than ever! We love you darling Julia, we have been blessed to have you to complete our family!


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