What’s up at one year and three months…

Most are just trying to perfect what you already know. You try to imitate us talking. We guide you through the syllables whenever you point something you want. Sometimes you call our attention by mentioning the word all by your itsy bitsy self!

You constantly want to be with me whenever I return home from work. Whenever I leave the room (to get something or to take a bath) you run towards me while calling nanay! It’s so sweet and I do enjoy when you call my name often. I have to distract you with playing the micky mouse clubhouse videos on the internet and pass you to your tatay.

There are these little situations that I do not know if you really understood the instructions or just plain lucky. We enjoy watching MMC videos together and there is this part where you have to click the object to answer Mickey’s question. I do not know how you know or if you really knew but your answers are most of the time right!

You love to dance with different dance steps to match the different beats.

You can follow instructions such as “give me…” and “pass to…” and “throw in the trashcan”. You love to pick up little things and give them to me. It makes me wonder if you are as OC as your lola hehe

You are starting to help do chores. You like to get our walis tambo and sweep the floor. We bought a mini broom with dustpan and you were the first one to use it. You are also helping your lola do the laundry by passing her the clothes for hanging. You can also distinguish our clothes and you say if it’s nanay’s or tatay’s.


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