Eating right

You can’t seem to pass the 10kg. weight! At one and three months you’re still at 9kg. I am so frustrated making me feed you ice cream and cakes which is totally against my will. You love to eat nilaga or sinigang but otherwise you only take two spoonfuls then spit out the rest. Fruits are also one of your favorites and you can eat a whole banana but is it enough? I dont know what to do.

Every day makes me think about giving you formula milk. Nanay said that it may have high concentration on calcium and other vitamins that may improve on weight and make your teeth stronger. She’s also suggesting that I should start weaning, but I’m honestly not ready. I read breastfeeding write-ups again for refreshing my decision and so far I’m torn. I do not know if there’s a way to coincide both nutrition from breastmilk and formula to make you fatter somehow.


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