What’s up at one year and four months…

Her molars finally erupted! I noticed it when I brushed her teeth for bed time and saw four cute little molars.

Julia is very sweet. Whenever we return from work, she will smile and say Nanay with her arms stretched out. She will hug me tightly and pat my back like what she feels us do to her. She will say “kiss” and purse her lips for me to kiss. Sometimes she spontaneously goes to me and asks for a kiss and a hug which I gladly do.

She cries when I go to work. When I say I have to go to the office, she will run and hug me tightly. I hate to extricate myself away from her and I hate it when I see tears streaming down her cheeks. When asked during the day “Where is nanay/ tatay?” she will answer of-“fice”.

She knows how to verbalize what she likes, whenever I feed her she says “baw” for sabaw, “rice”, “mamam” for water or juice, “ging” or “banana”, “tatas” for potatoes, or points to the viand of her choice.

She can follow instructions and also say simple instructions like when she wants me to pick something up or want to watch her favorite show “peek-a-boo”, or she wants to eat her fish shaped crackers. I’m also starting to teach her how to say please.

She can say things that she only identifies before. She most of the time calls our attention by saying “ev” which is “tv” to play her dvd “boo” which is peek-a-boo. Or sometimes she points to a “flower” or “bee” or “car” whenever she sees one.

She loves looking at albums and points to the people in the pictures. She especially likes her “nana” short for inana meaning lola.

She still loves books and flashcards. She knows her flashcards by heart. She can already say the names of objects. Most of these, she can say outright but some long words like xylophone has a special nickname such as phone 🙂 technically at the onset of the fourth month she can say 50+ words.

She knows how to climb up her bed and the sofa.

She experienced her first constipation just last night (Feb 8) where she cried and cried while holding my hand. My poor baby! She was constipated the following day too… and cried all over again.

She can shape sort already! when she was less than a year, she can shoot the circle and the ellipse but just last monday, February 15, she can find the correct hole, position the ball, and shoot everything. She even name shapes (hexagon “gon” for short, heart, flower, t, cross, house, square, star, etc.) whenever she holds them and says “ayun!” when she finds the correct hole then claps when it goes through.

She can stack up to 5 blocks to build her tower. She was very careful not to push it. But when it’s I who does the stacking she goes over and topples them!

She called me “mommy”??? gosh! (February 17) and it’s because of that “peek-a-boo” show that she loves so much. I wonder what will stick?

She’s already imitating people and she’s such a teaser! she will say eee-eee-eee, walk funny, and when asked “sino ginagaya mo?” she will answer “john”. or when asked “paano umiyak si wacky?” she will do so and smile! And the one that puzzles us the most is..

“Sino maganda?” — “Iya” she will answer
“Sino pangit?” — “Day” (which is the name of my nanay’s helper)

… how did she grasp the concept of maganda and pangit? although I have been teaching her opposites with illustrated books, it does not include descriptions of maganda and pangit. And I’m sure that nobody taught her how to say it.

She has started to memorize (that’s what I think) numbers. When we were on our way home last February 28, she was talking her own language while looking at her fish crackers/ pellets then pointing at her fishes said one-two-three-four-five! Henry and I were surprised to hear it come out! I guess counting anything and everywhere with her paid off.

She knows how to blow her nose since February 27.

She knows how to pronounce her alphabets! She follows along while watching her brainy baby dvds. She needs distraction while I take a bath.


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