For you

I experienced another migraine last night probably because of colds. I had been blowing my nose often and there was a time when I think I overdid it and got really dizzy. The headache was terrible enough for me not to sleep well and to assess my life and getting older. It also made me think that before we had Julia I’m not really worried if I’ll be around tomorrow because I know I am. I was unafraid to do things such as climb up on roofs, cross roof beams, get sick, cross pipes and bridges. Now, I think about my health and my body how it does not function as before.

When I got pregnant, the weight gain and the lack of exercise made my body different and when I tried exercising after giving birth I felt that it was not mine anymore. I was heavier, my balance was off, and my joints were popping whenever I perform such a simple thing as a child’s pose. I suddenly had migraine almost every week. I realized that I should take care of my body and recover. So far, a year and four months later, I am still in the process. I need to choose my diet and exercise. For my family and for Julia.


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