Cutie in a hospital gown

see my cutie gown
Originally uploaded by mahlice

We just got home from the hospital because Julia had beginning pneumonia. We do not know where she got it but probably it started from colds that seeped through the lower lungs. From the x-ray, it was verified that one of the lung segments has collapsed. The symptoms were colds, cough, and a very high fever. It started at 4 am last thursday and by 8 am we gave her a sponge bath and rushed her to the hospital. She was admitted, x-rayed, IVed, skin tested for allergies. She will say “ayaw” whenever nurses come inside the room saying they will give her antibiotics or if she needs to be nebulized. My baby is all grown up. She cried but was very cooperative. She made it easy for everybody despite her condition. She was the topic in the nurses’ station as told by one of the nurses. She was very gracious with her smile and will say and wave bye bye whenever they will leave the room. They said she was mature for her age for she understands simple instructions and questions such as how old she is, what’s her name, etc.

She’s so cute in her hospital gown… It has animal prints on them and she will show nurses and visitors that it has a hippo, lion, zebra, and giraffe. She will point and say “hippo” (it is by far her favorite among the four animals) in such an adorable way. She learned how to say “thank you” and practiced her numbers from one to ten. She even sings her ABC and Baa, Baa, Black Sheep song when she’s bored.

We slept together in her hospital bed/ crib and it was funny because I finally know what it feels like when caged! And since the bed was high, I was scared that she’ll wake and sleep walk then fall!

She was visited by her lolo and lola, uncle, ninong marty, and tita eli. Her visit to the hospital has been draining but I was confident that she will get through anything. After all, she’s breastfed so her immunity is better than normal.


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