What’s up at one year and five months…

Originally uploaded by mahlice

Julia is getting better and better in imitating whatever we say. She can piece together phrases as long as five words! I’m sometimes surprised whenever she says things that are out of the ordinary. Just the night of Sophie’s party when she was asked “San ka punta?” she said “Iya punta merika” and she claims she will play there with mickey mouse, which btw she can pronounce completely.

We attended Sophie’s party and she had a good time sampling all the food as per her request. She ate spaghetti, mojo potatoes, pizza, and chicken. She was so cool when I let her stand on a platform so she can be inside a bubble. She held a cupcake and was dutiful when I said she can hold it only (as shown in the picture!). She saw Liane, tita Aileen, and tito Lloyd. I think she has a good heart because she tries to approach Liane to play. We were together after the party with ninong Claro (at one particular point), ninang Diane, and tita Pon. It was refreshing to be out with the girls and with Julia. She’s behaved and did not throw tantrums even when we were in the toy store and I did not buy her anything.

She can count from one to ten without losing the number 6. She is starting to piece together her abcs until xyzs. She graduated to watching her peek-a-boo to the abc show.

I’m having a hard time maintaining her teeth. She took an iron supplement for close to two months and it had stained her teeth. It really irritates me to no end whenever I see her smile and see the stain. I would have taken it better if I do not brush her teeth but I do everyday atleast twice!

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