Visiting the Fishies…

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…in Manila Ocean Park has been an educational experience for all of us. We used our free tickets c/o Julia’s cousin Alison together with Tito Conji, Tita Mel, and Wacky. When we entered, we were greeted by huge black fishes from the Amazon and while I would’ve liked to stare at them all day we have to move along. We climbed up the stairs and crossed over the bridge with crocodiles at the bottom. You could easily miss it, fall over, and become snacks! We stepped down to the “touch-me” section of starfishes and sea cucumbers, which we did not dare do (probably when Julia’s a little bit older). We then entered the dark area where the majority of the small fishes are contained separately and described by type. I particularly remember the worm like fishes planted on the sand.

We moved to the main room where the big fishes swimming in schools surround the room. I was impressed with the size and number! There was huge black cloth used as a ceiling and suspended by a circular steel frame at the top center of the circular room. They probably lower the frame to cover the aquariums at night. There were block chairs lit with different colors where ate Mel and I sat to breastfeed our little ones. It was funny because we were there right in the middle of the circular room yet inconspicuous because of the low lighting.

After nursing we crossed the tunnel to see the sharks, stingrays and the funny fishes. Julia was in awe the whole time. She kept on exclaiming fishies!! fishies!! We also saw the mermaid show which was packed with students. Both of the babies wanted to nurse again so even if we were not able to get seats we were given one. They even directed their air coolers toward us. Having a baby really opens up a lot of special treatments!

When the show ended we took a glass boat ride on top of the tunnel and saw the super kulit cartoony funny fishes at the bottom of the boat. They have buckteeth making it look like they were smiling all the time. They kept on following the boat and was so curious! We were all laughing about it.

The day out was definitely a fresh alternative to the mall. It made Julia aware of what fishes are and how they behave. She now knows that fishes swim just like her. It was such a cute moment when she peered into the glass and exclaimed “fish swimming!”.


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