Conversations with Julia

N: Julia ano gusto mo? baby brother or baby sister?
J: baby brother
N: ayaw mo ng baby sister?
J: baby brother lang
N: ok, kapag may baby brother ka na dun ka na matutulog sa crib kasi si baby brother na katabi namin ni tatay. Big girl ka na eh… ate iya ka na. Tapos di ka na magmmamam kasi si baby brother nalang. Ikaw kakain ka na ng kanin…
J: Ayaw, Ayaw na baby brother.


We were on the bed ready to go to sleep. She was holding her small puppy, got distracted and lets it go. I hugged it and said:

N: Akin nalang to. Hug ko ba si puppy?
J: Ayaw
N: Kiss ko nalang…
J: Ayaw din
N: Ano nalang gusto mo?
J: Iya lang
N: Iya lang hug ni nanay?
J: Yes

When I hugged her she said: Very good nanay!


J: Ayaw lakad baba
Y: Bakit?
J: Dirty yun no?


N: Sino bumili ng pillow mo?
J: Nona (lola because she can’t pronounce the letter “L”)
N: Sino gumawa ng pillow case nyan?
J: Nona
N: Sino love mo?
J: Nonay


She can now form complete sentences and relay whatever she wants.

She is sure of what she says. She does not say words for play or just so she can say them.

She knows her shapes and her colors. She puts adjectives to describe what she sees, e.g. pink rubber shoes, yellow duck, red shirt, etc.

She can follow instructions. When we were in her nuno’s wake, I instructed her to give candies to the visitors. I gave her the candy plate while people say what candy color they like.

She knows that candies and chocolates are “bawal” treats. When ate Rose asked her if she wants candy, she said “Bawal yun Iya”.

She reacts to things she sees. When we were on the road, she saw a big W sign of white westinghouse. She immediately exclaims “W yun!”

She’s afraid of the dark, her tatay’s furry slippers, anything that has dark fur, blackberry hound, clips or anything that open with serrated edges (she’s afraid of being bitten), and most of all… her lola!

She says “I miss you!” and “I love you!”

She says “thank you” and “sorry” correctly. She says thank you when you give her something, after saying goodbye to her grandparents, and when we do something for her. She says sorry when she nudges somebody or when she does something she knows she should not do.

She can put on her socks all by herself! (April 28, 2010) yey!!

She can successfully name 13 vegetables from her vegetable flashcards which is more than a third of the batch. Potato, tomato, green peas, green beans, mungo, okra, pechay, peppers, eggplant, and a few others I can’t even remember!

She wants me. She requests that I carry, wash, bathe, play, pay attention, be with her when she watches tv, hug, kiss, hold her cup, hold her while she eats, hold her hand, in short let her be the center of my world. I’m taking advantage of it every moment.


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