Inexpensively useful

Here’s a list of things that made our lives easier. And these do not cost an arm and a leg.

1. Squeeky sandals at about 100. My friend Maui gave Julia’s first pair as a gift for her Christening. She was only a month old then and Julia only used it for entertainment purposes. She was giggling everytime she hears the squeek. Then eventually she started using it when she was seven months old until she learned how to walk. We initially tried other more expensive shoes but surprisingly this one is softer, did not leave red marks, and made Julia want to walk because of the sounds it makes. What made it even better is we know where she is (noisily walking to somewhere) and if she’s up to something (no sound whatsoever). Eversince then I bought two more pairs and I scoured the grocery’s shoe section to find her size.

2. divisoria white sandos at 3 for 100. I had my own when I was in grade school and it was so comfortable inside my uniform or independently in a warm day.

3. shape sorter at 200++ and puzzle opposite set at 220. Her shape sorter taught her shapes at one year and four months while her opposite puzzle set taught what goes together at one year and six months.

4. baby pouch that my nanay made for me helped me through carrying stage from 10 months onwards. I just got the measurements from the internet and begged nanay to make me one. It eased my arms and back from carrying her long distance.

5. umbrella stroller for 1000. It’s a little lighter than the more stable graco stroller but it is an alternative for nanay and easier for her to manipulate.


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