Brush brush brush!

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We had our first visit to the Dentist last April and Iya is every dentist’s dream. At a year and a half she followed instructions such as when and how to open her mouth.

She got her teeth stains from her iron supplement that she took when she was only six months up to a year and two months. I am always irritated whenever she smiles and I see the stains! and I know that we brush her teeth twice or sometimes three times a day.

When she entered the clinic she’s a little shy but when she was given a book, she’s back to her talkative self. She was talking to her dentist about what she saw and how she loves the fish in the drawing. The pedodentist was referred by ate Joy and was very charming and sweet. She knows how to talk to kids and how to do things that will not irritate them. I was in the chair with Iya while she cleans her teeth and when she applied the flouride. She was amazed by her attitude because she’s so cooperative and smart.

When we were about to go home and she gave me the bill, Iya got the receipt and said… “Nanay bayad”


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