We are on the road to Tayabas and it’s a novelty to blog while in the car. Iya is asleep in my arms so I’m taking the opportunity to sneak a little writing. Last night we slept later than usual. I’m experimenting on different before going to bed rituals. It is customary to read a story or to hum a lullaby, which I already did, but my favorite so far is telling her my own version of short activity stories that describes a little girl named Iya who is very pretty and loved by her nanay, tatay, lolo, and lola. Then it varies to what she did during the day, what toys did she play, her day with her cousin kuya john, her trip to the zoo, the foods that she ate, and other familiar things. I would describe in detail what she saw, the colors and the shapes, how many things were there, and her reactions. I usually tell this while she nurses and just last night I noticed her interest and her eagerness to participate in the story. The story was about the trip to the zoo and she contributes information about the animals we saw. For her age I noticed that reading before bed was not as enjoyable as telling her my made up stories because once she sees a book her reaction was to get it. She wants to hold the book and leaf through the pictures. With my stories, there are no physical barriers. We only have ouselves and our shared imagination.


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