Breastfeeding Blues 2

Today is officially the most depressing day ever! Iya just went to her doctor’s appointment without me. She got her typhoid shot with her lola and the doctor was alarmed because she lost weight. After one year and seven months she dropped half a kilo. With 9 kilos for her age, it is way way way below the percentile. The culprit – breastfeeding. Am I such a bad mother to continue with breastfeeding? Is it wrong to breastfeed until 2 years old? If so, why does all the milk ads say Breastmilk is still BEST for babies up to two years and beyond? I have not even reached that marker yet.

On the other hand, there is another possible explanation that I do not want. There is something else that is causing this. I am also adviced to have her x-rayed.

I feel so sad.

I give up. Pedia sure it is and whatever it is that has to be done.


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