Laughing at the Jumping Bear

Being true Malabon residents we went to… Malabon Zoo! Yey! One fine Saturday morning, we all decided to let Julia see what a zoo looks like. She knows all the animals in the book but she has to see them up close.

When I asked her “Iya do you want to go to the zoo?” she said “Ayaw.” We went anyway hehe

The first thing she saw are the giant amazon fishes that she also saw in Manila Ocean park. We turned left to see the deer eating cabbages and the other big fishes in the aquarium. When we were guided to the center, we saw warthogs (smelly!), the tigers and lion while they are being given water to drink, and the snakes (creepy!). She saw the monkeys, the turtles (one on top of the other), the peacocks, and the assorted small animals. What really got her attention was the big brown bear. He was walking back and forth inside the cage and when he reached Julia’s side he jumped. It was as if he really is entertaining her because he did it again and again.

We also saw the pride of the zoo, the orangutan, while they are giving her a bath. She is really adorable and intelligent! She acts like a person and follows whatever instructions were given by her masters.

When we got home she has lots of stories to tell. We asked her what she saw and she gave the account of some of her favorite animals. She said “monkey ligo”. “tiger sleep”, “bear jump jump”, and “deer kain gulay”. And when I asked her if she wants to go to the zoo? Her answer is an emphatic “Yes”.


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