Please oh please!

Originally uploaded by mahlice

We went to the beach last March 8 to join my parents and my cousins Kuya Conji and Ate Mel with their little baby Wacky. After a long trip to Subic we were eager to jump to the beach! We slopped sunscreen on Julia since she’s wearing her eetsy bitsy one-piece bikini and we are off. She’s not really into walking barefoot and she’s curling her feet when I tried letting her walk on the sand. She would slouch and lift her feet and would ask me to carry her. However, when she saw us making a dam on the shore and digging up all the sand, she gamely did the same. She was grabbing and letting the sand slip through her fingers, letting her feet be buried, and actually ruining what we had done. She even saw the little shells walking around while Kuya caught one and put it inside a mineral water bottle.

When it is time to go, she refuses to leave. Crying and being “pabigat” so I will have a hard time carrying her. After finally dragging her up to the hotel room, she took a bath and did her customary sleeping after feeding routine.

I wish we could go back to the beach… sigh…


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