What’s up at one year and seven months…

This is a sad month for me. I got scolded repeatedly because Julia’s weight is an issue and “napagkaisahan ako” to give her a milk supplement. My main problem is the fact that she wants to feed directly and her milk in a bottle or in a cup is not as satisfying. When I’m home during the weekends she nurses constantly but if I’m at the office she starves herself from milk. I’ll try it for a month and if it does work, which I know it will because of the taste and persistence of my mother, I know it will be harder to insist breastmilk than ever! Unless… I would forget to buy the supplement once in a while… hmmmnnn….

When we are bored inside the car, I sing songs for her. Now, she knows some of the lyrics and will try to close my mouth and say “Nanay ayaw kanta, iya lang” and I let her. Here are some of her favorite hits:

Itsy bitsy spider
Climb waterspout
Down came rain and wash spider out
Out comes sun and dried up all rain
Itsy bitsy spider climb waterspout again (most of the time she sings this in loop)

Twinkle little star
Up above world so high
Like diamond in sky
Twinkly little star (again and again! or sometimes becomes the abc song)

N: Where is iya?
N: Where is iya?
J: Here I am!
N: How are you this morning?
J: Very well thank you,
J: Runaway runaway!!

She has better control of her body. Admittedly she’s really a girly girl, who is not hyperactive and is all over the house. But I see that she’s trying to be active by running around the room and riding her tricycle.

She loves to pretend play. She got her little felt toys hippo, tiger, and piglet from her tita Juliet and she carries them everywhere. She puts them inside her little tarsier backpack that Uncle Ryan gave her from Bohol. She says that the hippo is the tatay and tiger is the nanay of piglet. She will say “Piglet karga Nanay nya” while she positions the tiger to carry Piglet. She will also make different situations for her other toys such as feeding the bear or letting it sleep on the crib. She will arrange the pillow under the bear’s head and tucks the blanket just like a cute little mommy. Whenever she sees a child or a baby (may it be human or an animal), she will ask me “Asan nanay nya?”. She’s starting to see family dynamics and roles–particularly mine.

She knows how to spit out water when she brushes her teeth hehe an icky milestone yet it will not be long until I can use the kid’s toothpaste with flouride.

She knows Spongebob and Dora already. She watches TV in the morning, which I do not know if advisable, to distract her when I go to work.


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