Conversations 2

Yaya: Ako na karga sayo
Julia: Ayaw nanay lang

Makes me want to carry her always until I learned why…

Y: Bakit ayaw mo magpakarga kay yaya?
J: Bigat
Y: Eh bakit kay nanay ka nagpapakarga? Di ka ba naaawa?
J: Hindi awa nanay

Just this morning…

J: Ayaw iwan yaya!
N: Sige na iwan na natin sya
J: Ayaw iwan yaya gate
J: Sama loob kotse ko
N: O sige na nga, sama na natin si yaya
J: Sama yaya, nanay, tatay, iya kotse (she always does this inventory inside the car)

It’s endearing that she is close to her yaya. This atleast makes me feel good when I am at the office. At first I thought that I would have to compete with whoever is taking care of her during the day. But now I know that is never going to happen. Even though she’s starting to love and appreciate those around her, I feel secured that her loyalty will always be with me.


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