Last night after our long rigorous day choosing a sofa set for my mother, we relaxed with playtime. I was so groggy with the cold medicine that I was in a foul mood before we began. Konti nalang mapapalo ko na talaga because she was whining about I don’t know what. Nakasalampak ako sa sahig, right in the middle of her play area. We started with her farm toys where she said the pig was the mother of the duck. I said no and got the bigger rubber ducky and said this is the mother of the duck. She vehemently disagreed so ok fine! I do not have the energy to start a discussion about genetics so I let her go on with her idea of pig mother and baby duck idea.

I asked her to shoot the shapes for me. It appears she’s getting rusty. She was so frustrated with the time consuming house shape that she said I should do it for her. I insisted she can do it.

After the shapes, she got the red star and the green flower shapes and pretended these are glasses and contain juice. She gave me the flower and said it was mine.

N: I’ll go to the faucet and put water in it ok? (i pulled the lever and pretended to fill the cup)
J: No! Juice lang
N: Ok no water, juice lang

And since she saw me put pretend water in my glass she went and poured it in the sink. She was so meticulously bossy! And I, the weakling, went along with it. We set up the box as our table and she puts our glasses.

J: Asan na plate? asan na spoon and fork?
N: Asan na nga? San mo ba nilagay?

She got up and searched for her wooden pot and spatula and used it as a spoon. I also helped in searching for her plate and retrieved her blue plate, knife, and disposable ice cream cup container. We cannot seem to find her plate set though. So we content ourselves with substitutes. She was cooking with her wooden pot, I waited for my share, she puts food on my so-called plate, and insisted doing everything. It was like I am the kid and she is in control . She will tell me what to eat, when to eat, and when to stir. It was the complete reversal of roles. I was not the mother, I was her playmate and it confirmed what I have been reading about. Pretend play makes her see no boundaries, she can imagine whatever it is she wants and that I should not get in the way. I should let her lead me because no one likes to destroy fantasies right?

Last night was a surprise. I have been dreaming about playing bahay-bahayan with her ever since we discovered she’s a girl. I have been collecting miniature toys even before I was pregnant much to the dismay of Henry (another post for this). Looks like this is the start of our fun together!


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