Here we go again…

I’m furious! But I cannot speak up. I am such a chicken when it comes to providing exhaustive explanations to my mother my desire to continue breastfeeding. The harder I try, the more they (including the yaya and the doctors!) shut me out saying that my milk is not nutritious enough. They are trying to make me feel that I’m the only one who wants it. I do not know what happens during the day, how Julia adamantly dislikes (so they say) BM. It’s just that if I stop, I cannot go back. I do not want to have any regrets when I can still produce milk for her. They say that Julia is thin and small. All I see is a bright, smart, lively, happy, and healthy baby. She seldom gets sick and if she does, she recuperates immediately.

My frustration made me talk to PCMC so I can donate my BM stock. I think I have 70 to 100 oz stored at home. At least someone, some baby out there will benefit from what they dislike so much.

One thought on “Here we go again…

  1. aww. Ate, don't be sad. Eto na ang moving on stage 🙂 Nakarami na naman ng breast milk si Iya e :)And may mga magbebenefit naman sa stock na milk mo 🙂


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