Donating milk

It’s Goodbye… The total count is 131 oz. of breast milk to PCMC milk bank. I have delivered all the milk frozen, in plastic containers and six of my reusable bottles inside our two coolers. The earliest date is since April 8, 2010. I feel sad. These are my comfort and assurance that Iya will not starve from milk when I am away. But I also feel happy because I am giving 262-327 premature babies a fighting chance to survive.

Iya’s at home drinking my milk pumped yesterday (I was not able to buy her a can of pediasure :D). I forgot to bring my plastic container and substituted a water bottle instead. I never thought that 11 oz. fills more than half of the tall container. It’s a lot to think about that all these juice came from me. And to imagine that I can easily fill a whole bottle three months ago was more than I expected when I started out this endeavor. I guess I would say goodbye to all of this soon. My life has been a ritual these past year and nine months and I know I would miss it.

Thank you Lord for giving me a chance to do this for my daughter. More than giving milk, we get to share a lot of cuddling time together.


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